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Combining Graphics and Clay

Any artist working with clay may have their own unique vision of what their finished piece will look like. They may start with nothing more than a lump of wet clay, and their ability to mold it into shape will quickly take over. The next step is to dry the piece, and then it will go into the kiln. Glazes are often added before the piece is fired for the first time, and additional finishing glazes could be added which would require another firing. For those interested in creating several pieces with the same pattern, combining graphics and clay is a pathway they should consider using.

Graphics are an art form that has long been taken for granted. Once a design has been completed, it can be reproduced endlessly on computers. Many original works have been made larger or smaller to fit different objects, but they are seldom appreciated as original works. The ability to make thousands of copies in various sizes somehow has made them seem like they have always existed outside the world of art.

The combination of graphics and clay can present a unique opportunity. An artist talented in creating their own graphics might design an original piece for a specific pottery set. They can use their print as soon as their piece dries, or they can fire it, add the graphic, and then they can add glaze for the final firing. It is a process that can result in an original work that has been crafted by hand but also finished with precision.

Using two different mediums within the world of art has become an accepted part of creation in the modern world. Those who have talents in several disciplines are finding new ways to make original pieces that can stretch the previous limits placed upon them by using only one set of talents at a time.