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Painting Ceramic Figurines

One of the more popular ways to spend an evening is painting ceramic figurines. These pieces are injection molded, dried and fired in a kiln. After they have been fired, the edges are sanded to erase the lines created by the mold. They are then ready to be painted. Commercial shops often have classes for people who want to get into this craft. Advanced crafters can take their pieces home. A wide range of paints are available for pursuing this craft.

It is a joy for many figurine crafters to make complete sets and give them to loved ones. These sets take a great deal of time and effort to create. Ceramics are a hard product, but they are also very brittle. If accidentally dropped, ceramic pieces can break. A person who has a cherished set of figurines will have a difficult time repairing them. If the original crafter cannot make a new figurine, one option is to fill the cracks with clay and cover it with ceramic transfers or glass transfers. Transfers can be custom made with the correct colors and pattern to hide cracks and breaks in a set.

Collecting ceramic figurines has long been a hobby for many. A complete set is always a bonus, but it is not always possible to find a set that is in good shape. The skill necessary to add a missing piece depends on the level of work in the remaining pieces of the set. If that skill level can be matched, the collector can make their own figurine. If they do not have the skill, it is always worth the effort to check with a local ceramics dealer. Those that give classes on figurine painting may know a crafter who is willing to do the work.

There is a great deal of joy associated with painting ceramic figurines. It is a relaxing craft for many who like the concentration necessary to paint a piece. This craft allows them to shut out the world around them while they work. Once finished, they have a piece they can proudly display or give as a gift to someone who will appreciate their efforts for many years to come.