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Painting Ceramic Figurines

One of the more popular ways to spend an evening is painting ceramic figurines. These pieces are injection molded, dried and fired in a kiln....

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The Beauty of Sculptures

Modern art has made many changes in the way people admire objects created solely for viewing, and sculptures are one of them. Originally, these items...

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Creating Wood Art

Wood is a versatile medium for many uses, and artisans looking for a new way to express their vision could find it is the right...

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Craft With Painting

There are many ways to craft with paint. There are craft shops that sell any number of items for modern crafters who enjoy exercising their...

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Craft Teaching Methods

People who have invested many years in any craft do not want to see it forgotten. Many of these people choose to teach their methods...

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Learning to Craft Ceramic Pieces

There are many crafts that have evolved into art, and the making of English fine bone china is one of them. Originally created solely...

There are a great many crafts that stand completely alone and need nothing from other crafts to make them complete. One exception to this rule is the micro brewing industry. Those who brew small batches of beer with their own recipes have found that the craft of barrel making affects them greatly. Coopers are the people who make these barrels. Until recent times, their craft had mainly been replaced by commercial breweries using metal barrels. Different woods produce slightly different flavors and this was not preferred by commercial companies. Small breweries, ever seeking uniqueness, have found that experienced coopers are necessary to their craft.